Vivo X80 Review: Is It The Future Flagship Smartphone? Learn the details here

Vivo X80 Review: Is It The Future Flagship Smartphone? Learn the details here

Vivo X80 5G Review Vivo X80 smartphone is claimed to have many features, we will know the reality of these claims. In today’s review we will know what is new in Vivo X80 smartphone compared to X70?

8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage – Rs 54,999
12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage – Rs 59,999
New Delhi, Saurabh Verma Vivo X80 Review: Vivo launched the Vivo X70 smartphone in India in January this year. Similarly now Vivo X80 smartphone has also been launched. Like the Vivo X70, the company has launched the X80 with ZEISS grade cameras. In addition, Vivo X80 smartphone with Vivo V1 + imaging chip has been introduced with new camera innovation technology. In today’s review of Vivo X80 smartphone, we will know what is new in Vivo X80 smartphone from X70?

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Glass is used in the rear and back of the Vivo X80 smartphone. As a result, there are no fingerprints on the back. The rear of the phone has a large camera module. The USB Type C port is listed below. A SIM tray is also provided.


The phone comes with dual speakers. The phone comes in a medal body. Due to which there is no fear of scratching the phone when it falls and breaks. We have used the phone in a rough and strict way with and without cover. Despite this, there are no scratch marks on the phone.


A punchhole camera cutout has been given in the front of the phone. The ride hand side power button as well as the value button is provided. In terms of design, the Vivo X80 smartphone will not disappoint you.


At a time when smartphone companies are cutting back on accessories. But on the Vivo side, the box of Vivo X80 smartphone has headphones, charging cable, adapter, SIM tray ejector. Also, there is a connector to connect the 3.5mm headphones to the USB Type-C port.


Note that the Vivo X80 smartphone does not have a 3.5mm audio jack. In addition, the company has given the phone a great design and good quality cover, which does not allow the phone’s feeling and design towards the rest of the phone cover to be weakened at all.


This cover comes with anti-dust support. If the rest of the transparent lid is used for a long time, it becomes colorless. Due to which the phone does not look good but the cover provided with Vivo X80 touches all these problems.


The phone has a 6.7 inch AMOLED display. If you like phones with large displays, this may be the perfect display smartphone for you. The phone comes with a curved display. Available in HDR10 + and Wide 1LI support phones. The phone is completely baseless.

If you look at OTT apps like Netflix or OTT apps in the phone, then Vivo X80 would be the right phone. It has great color and contrast. The phone comes with 120Hz refresh rate and 360Hz touch sampling rate. Which makes the phone ultra smooth. The phone has a peak brightness of 1500 nights. Due to which the display of the phone is very bright indoors and outdoors.


However, keeping the brightness level high drains the phone’s battery quickly. The phone has an in-display fingerprint sensor. Which works very fast. It works very fast to lock and unlock the phone.

Quality and feel at hand

The frame of the phone comes in a medal body. While front and back glass is used. Which makes the phone feel very premium.


Fingerprints are not visible on the back of the phone when you hold it. The display of the phone is quite large, due to which it may have to be used with both hands.


Speaking of in-hand feel, the phone is quite good. Even though the phone weighs 206 grams, you don’t feel heavy. If you use a phone without a cover, the phone looks too thick.


The phone supports Octacore MediaTek Mimensity 9000 chipset as processor support. The phone works great in everyday use. There is no problem with the phone during multitasking. Speaking of gaming, there is no problem in gaming on the phone. The phone has a very smooth gaming experience on ultra settings. Games like BGMI can be played at a smooth 90Hz setting. From web browsing to watching videos to gaming, there are no problems. The phone comes with Android 12 based FunTouch OS support. There is no problem with software. But the phone has a large number of pre-installed apps, which were not needed.

The camera

Vivo has a large camera setup. Its main camera is 50 megapixels. In addition, two more 12-megapixel cameras are provided. All three cameras come with Sony sensors. You will be able to click great photos from the phone. The Vivo X80 is a great camera phone that comes with Zeiss and V1 + chipset support. The phone has a pro mode for professional photography. Also features like Night Mode, Bokeh Mode, Slow Motion Time Lapse are provided.


If we talk about video, it is actually a flagship camera phone, which will enable the phone to click like a DSLR. Vivo uses a separate V1 + chipset specifically for videos. The phone will be able to shoot 4k videos at 60fps.

Macro camera

The phone has cinematic modes, which allow you to shoot videos from the movie side. You will also be able to edit them. The phone has the facility of auto focus video shoot. But auto focus does not work when recording 4k video. On the other hand, if you are a blogger, you will get the option of teleprompter in the phone, with the help of which you will be able to watch on the screen and voice over with video. In addition to video recording, there is also the facility of video editing in the phone. Editing comes with a professional grade setup, from setting the proportions of the video to changing the background, adding music and cutting and trimming the video.


The vivo vivo x30, vivo x30, vivo 18 has a 45000 mAh battery that lasts a whole day on a single charge, but if you’re gaming or browsing on the phone, maybe You have a. Bed phone battery. I had to charge twice a day. The 80W charger that comes with the phone fully charges the phone in 20 to 30 minutes. But once the phone is fully discharged, charging takes a while. Also, the phone gets a little hot when charging. During the rest of the use, there is no problem in heating the phone.

If this is the 5G phone of the future

Yes, the Vivo X80 has all the features of a future 5G smartphone. The phone has 10 5G bands and support for 4G bands is also available. This means the phone can still be used and when 5G connectivity comes, the phone will be able to use it for a long time. The phone has a security update for April 2022. In addition, you will receive security updates for the next 3 years. This means that Android 13, 14 and 15 security updates will be provided in the phone. With all these features, it can be said that Vivo X80 is a futuristic smartphone.


Vivo X80 smartphone has dual speaker support. Both the speakers of the phone are quite loud, which gives a lot of enjoyment to the music. The mic and speakers work great when calling. Beats can be heard clearly while listening to music videos and audios. Also the base is very good.

What is lacking?

It is not that there is no shortage of phones. The phone actually weighs 206 grams. It would have been better if the company had tried to keep the weight of the phone below 200 grams. The front camera cannot shoot 4k video.

Our decision

If you want to make YouTube videos or do good photography, you will find a lot of innovations in the Vivo X80 camera. Also, it is a smartphone for the future. This means you can use the phone for a long time. The phone has 10 5G bands. Overall, if you want to buy a good display and camera phone with good performance, Vivo X80 may be a good decision.

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