Best Mobile Misleading done by advertising! Xiaomi fined in China


When Xiaomi debuted in the smartphone market, the number of its ads was not much. Xiaomi’s device received publicity from its customers. Now the company fiercely promotes its devices. Because of one of these ads, he has a penalty. Xiaomi has been fined 20,000 yuan (about 2,35,670 rupees) for false advertising in China. This penalty is imposed by the Market Supervision Department of the Chinese government. It is alleged that Xiaomi has violated China’s advertising law.

According to a report by ITHome, the company made a mistake in the banner add-on of Redmi K30 5G on Tmall last year. The promotional image said that the smartphone has a ‘Samsung AMOLED display’ feature, while in fact the smartphone supports the LCD panel. It seems that the in-charge of the banner add did not cross check the final image of the add. Whoever made this mistake would probably have had confusion because of the specifications of the Redmi K30 Pro 5G.

Speaking of the company’s upcoming device, the Xiaomi 12 series will be the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone series. Its launch date has become part of the leaks several times. Now the company itself has curtailed the launch date. The Xiaomi 12 series will be launched in the Chinese market on December 28. At the moment, it is not clear which smartphones will be launched under this series. The Xiaomi 12 series is supposed to include Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12x, Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12 Ultra smartphones.

The company has shared a poster on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. It is reported that the flagship Xiaomi 12 series is scheduled to be launched on December 28 in the Chinese market. It is not clear from the poster how many smartphones Xiaomi is going to launch on December 28 under the 12 series. However, Xiaomi executives have indicated through its Vivo handles that the company will be offering at least three smartphones under the Xiaomi 12 series on this day.

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